Indoor Potty for your Dog.
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Potty Rink - the perfect affordable, portable solution to let your pooch "go" inside when you're not home.

The Potty Rink system is made for those who live in apartments, are unable to be home during the day, or travel with their pooch. Our story.
If you are looking into indoor potty training your dog, this product is for you. Cleaner than pads alone, more affordable than grass, safer than bark. Ask our clients.
The Potty Rink and all accessories are made of recycled materials in the USA!
Very simply, it provides an affordable way to designate a "spot" inside your home for your pet to conveniently and safely relieve themselves at any time. It also makes for an excellent gift for those who live in places of inclement weather such as bitter cold. The structure of it makes clean-up and breeze. More about our products.
Easy assembly and set-up: Distinct 5" tall walls helps your pet know where to go and where the boundaries are.
Versatile: For easy clean-up use our signature 22"x22" Drymate mat with excellent absorption (fits in our form fit leak proof tray) or you use news-paper or favorite liner or potty pad.
Portable: Our 22" x 22" model folds up and fits in most standard suitcases.
Drymate Potty Rink DryMate
Potty Rink
Potty Rink

Our Potty Rink provides a framework to give your pooch a designated place to "go" indoors.

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Contact us to place an order. Our Story.
The Potty Rink IS VERSATILE! It can be used with drymate washable mats, disposable 22x23" potty pads, real grass or turf.

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with your purchase, please return it to the retail store or online source you purchased it from.  Please keep your receipt for proof of purchase. Here is some more information to help you get started.
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All products made of recycled materials right here in the USA. Veteran Owned Business,
All Products Made of Recycled Materials Right Here in the USA