Our affordably priced Potty Rink System is comprised of 4 - 5" tall interlocking walls, a 22 x 22 inch form fit leak-proof washable tray that can be used with either washable mats or disposable pads, interchangeable grass label designs, and 1 2oz bottle of attractant spray. Give your pooch a clear designated area where they can "go" indoors.
$89.99 + Tax / SH.

Potty Rink Complete System:

11 decorative, interchangeable labels allow you to decorate your potty rink.
Designate your choice of label in order.
$9.99 + Tax / SH


Football Pattern Poppy Pattern Tiara Pattern - Coming soon Soccer Pattern Birthday Pattern
DryMate Grass lable walls The Potty Rink Leak-Proof Floor Drymate Mats

Attractant Solution:

The training attractant solution helps your pet potty in the correct location each time. Just squirt in a 3” circle, in the center of the Potty Pad. Includes 2 bottles, 2 oz each.
$8.99 + Tax / SH
Cleaner than pads alone, more affordable than grass or other turfs, and safer than bark. Order our complete system today!
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All products made of recycled materials right here in the USA. Veteran Owned Business,
All Products Made of Recycled Materials Right Here in the USA