Works like a charm. Bought the "Potty Here" spray and our 8 week old puppy, Brody, went right to it. Also bought the puppy pads from Amazon and they work great in the station. No smell, liquid turns to a gel, inexpensive and easy to use. He gets lots of "good boy" praises and a treat every time he does what he is supposed to and it reinforces the training. I will continue using this method until he gets a little older and his bladder is stronger. For now - great set up. Really easy way to house break a puppy. This will work great for next year as well when, God-willing, we will be getting another pup from his mom's second litter. Very pleased with the results. Highly recommend. - C.A. Flann,  9/5/17

The Potty Rink has been a life saver! I purchased it after my Maltese was attacked by a coyote. (Luckily it dropped her and she healed from surgery.) She uses it periodically now but I'm hoping by winter she'll use it all the time. It was easy to set up and it cleans easily as well. I'm glad I purchased this product.
- Julie S.  7/21/17

This is the best system I've seen for indoor potty needs for my puppy. The walls keep the dog inside so there is no mess to clean up on the floor! I'm using potty pads in it as that is what my puppy is used to. The size is perfect too--room to turn around inside. This is a winner! (I replaced the two front labels to personalize it.) -
Karen Batesole,  7/19/17

I love this Potty Rink! I bought 2 of them. It is exactly the style I was looking for and my Pomeranian-Shin Tzu is a perfectly trained baby now. -
Alisha Outridge,  7/16/17
I absolutely love my new Potty Rink. Thanks mom! ~ Zoey
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All products made of recycled materials right here in the USA. Veteran Owned Business,
All Products Made of Recycled Materials Right Here in the USA